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When the Gacha Chicken Steps on Web 3.0?
Gacha Chickens meet each other on their journey to explore the contents and try to fill their containers with different contents in order to find a chance to create a miracle. At the end of the comic story, the protagonists get the help from all other Gacha Chickens to successfully get through the “Empty Shell Crisis” and open the big secret treasure. Then… Inside is the ticket to the new Gacha Chicken MetaVerse GachaVerse – Gacha Chicken NFT.

GachaVerse is like a large virtual paradise for Gacha Chickens with new order, games, and unlimited possibilities. More stories, more ways to play and surprises will be created together in a more decentralized way.

▶ Play to Earn Basketball Game


Each NFT can be exchanged for 3000 tokens once.


Points of play will be converted to tokens for rebate.


The winner wins other player's entry tokens of contest.


Play limited co-branded NFT gashapon.

▶ Physical Privilege

Become Gacha Chickens

Special Collaboration



1. PFP NFT Design。
2. NFT commercial collaboration elaborated in Whitepaper。
3. APP beta version listed on Goolge Play。
4. Animation story creation
5. NFT physical exhibition and auction at National Taiwan Arts Education Center on Feb. 19 to Feb. 28.

#1~#9 Sold Out At The Physical Auction
20% Sale-


1. Official app version launch
– Gamed coins exchange mechanism to start
– Build to NFT gashapon function
– Establish competition and reward mechanism
– Launch of multilingual version
6. 2D animation project initiation
7. Commercial collaboration expansion
8. Licensing profit share mechanism initation

20% Sale-
60% Sale-


1.3D Content Production
– GahchaVerse objects – floating islands, gachapon machines, decorative objects, 3D characters etc.
3. 3D NFT drop and mint
4. P2E game contents
5. 2D animation teaser release
6. Expansion to countries abroad

60% Sale-
100% Sale-


1.3D Gachaverse Launch
– 3D characters entered the GachaVerse activities
– Various objects are open to the holders to play Gachapon
– Establishing a trading function between players on the Gachapon machine
5. Animation official release
6. Open commercial  gachapon rental in Gachaverse
7. Partial NFT profit share will go back to holders in forms of rewards.

100% Sale-


Nick 阿贊







The Gachaverse is the new starting point of the Gacha Chicken story! Continuing from the end of the comic book “Gachaverse: Twist of Miracle”, we gather all the people to overcome the crisis of the empty shell and discover the secret theasure. The project GachaVerse introduces many elements of the comic book storyline, such as PFP identity features and basketball games, in the hope of finding more Gacha chickens to participate in the creation of a Metaverse through the new form of Web 3.0.

Click on the red button above to join the DC community, and then complete the tasks specified by the community to get the whitelisted and wait for the first wave of pre-order notification. The official community is the only channel to publish the announcement.

The first wave of public sale is 399 NFTs. Each NFT for Mint is 350 Matic. Whitelist spot is 99, priced at 300 Matic. (Whitelist can definitely buy the NFT at this price.

If you are buying NFT for the first time, it is recommended that you first watch the instruction on how to buy virtual currency and NFT in our Whitepaper. The project will also be explained in detail on the DC community channel. If you already have experience in buying NFT, you can buy it at the link released by Gacha Chicken in the this official channel.

In addition to being a part of the development of the IP, you are also an important member of the future development, so claim your status now! Please refer to the section of the Whitepaper entitled “Ownership Rights” for more details.

If you have any questions, please check with the official first to confirm the authenticity and legality, do not click on any purchase links from unknown sources. We will not take the initiative to contact for sales offer, please be responsible for any losses incurred.

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